Singer Vielle online sales by private treaty clicktopurchase exchange approach 150 million pounds

Investors, banks, receivers, institutions and property companies can all testify to the market-leading track record which niche investment agency, Singer Vielle, has established as pioneers of clicktopurchase®, the unique online execution platform. It is important to note that these are not auction sales, but instances where a buyer has stepped forward and submitted a legally binding online private treaty offer to treat which has been accepted, resulting in an instantaneous online exchange.

The power and track record which Singer Vielle has established by embracing technology early, some years ago, is testament to the specialist’s team’s focus and energy towards a technical mind-set, way ahead of the current “Proptech” buzz.

Further agencies are commencing use of clicktopurchase® and it is surprising that online execution is yet to be adopted by the majority of agents given the role it plays in providing a superior service and validating the agent’s role at a time when it is under threat of change. Current early adopters include easyProperty.

However, interestingly, LSH are now offering “online sales” of five investments. These properties are being offered by online auction, with a bidding process against a computer. This approach has yet to become established in the market place, nor allows private treaty online exchanges prior to auction, or post, but it is an interesting development in the industry.

The clicktopurchase® private treaty legal exchanges are conducted online by agents; who better to judge and advise the seller as to the best method to conclude a sale. The key differences to the LSH offering is that clicktopurchase® allows the agent to switch from a private treaty online approach, to an online private treaty “best offers, or a real time online auction where one bids against a live auctioneer.

Whilst an agent can use the clicktopurchase® platform to provide speed, certainty, accountability and transparency, one still needs to find the buyers. This is where the good agent will stand apart from the poor.

clicktopurchase® Version 2 is due to be released shortly. Like any technical platform, one needs to keep progressing and the new integration will enable all agencies to use clicktopurchase® more easily and quickly, to deliver the enhanced service in no time.